Photo by Mitchell Multimedia

Armed with electric guitars, swooning vocals, and songs that split the difference between rock & roll and dreamy psychedelia, Angela Perley & the Howlin’ Moons pack the biggest punch of their career with Homemade Vision

Like the band’s debut, Hey Kid — an album whose kickoff track, “Athens,” earned Perley an International Songwriting Award in 2014 — Homemade Vision was recorded in the Howlin’ Moons’ hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Many of the songs were dreamt up somewhere along the highways and backroads that crisscross America, though, coaxed into life by a group of roots-rock road warriors who regularly play more than 100 shows a year. As a result, Homemade Vision is the sort of wide-ranging record that creates its own geography, building an imaginary place where the influences of David Gilmour, Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, and Nebula all intersect. 

It’s also the work of a genuine band. Chris Connor’s guitar playing — a flurry of fuzz, crunch, twang and bang — occupies just as large a role as Perley’s voice, while Billy Zehnal’s bass — coupled with cymbal crashes and snare hits from an arsenal of heavy-hitting drummers — glues the mix together. Inspired by love, heartbreak, and everything in between, Homemade Vision is a battle cry from a band that’s spent years fighting the good fight, carving out their own brand of atmospheric, aggressive Americana along the way.


21766610_10155097239430028_325069356460740435_nChris Connor- Lead Guitar. Master of the fuzz. Sagittarius. (Photo by Fernando Decillis)

13735558_1331104380237133_7536801121696548922_oBilly Zehnal- Bass. The Jalapeno Kid. Aries. 

14902954_1424743490873221_4887483233786021191_oAngela Perley- Vocals, guitar, and musical saw. Cat lover. Leader of the wolves. Pisces.


19756821_1708591659155068_5601123812812084138_nJake Levy- Columbus, Ohio (Photo by Ben Ko)

13730820_863975046570_752030981587535360_oAaron Bishara- Columbus, Ohio (Photo by Jeff Hagood) 

1262843_10151893352360229_2073302749_oEd Davis- Youngstown, Ohio

20024194_755454734638969_6918894573176700683_o (1)Greg Campolieti- Cleveland, Ohio (Photo by Kevin Morley Photography and Design)