Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons on Mountain Stage Radio Show w/Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Paula Cole, LADAMA and Matt the Electrician. Episode was released Nov. 28th, 2017. Full podcast/show below. iTunes podcast link HERE







Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons Voted #1 Local Band/Musician in Columbus Alive’s 2017 Best of Columbus Readers’ Poll- Columbus Alive (Mar 30, 2017)


Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons Homemade Vision #22 in Swerve Magazine’s Best 30 Albums of 2016 List:  The Columbus, Ohio-based band, is one of the hardest working live acts, touring incessantly among the Mid-Atlantic states. The time on the road shows in their sophomore effort. Doubling down on a more psych-pop/rock sound, the band doesn’t shy away from its rootsy beginnings. And while the album delivers the goods, the band really shines on stage. A show that should not be missed in the new year.”- Swerve Magazine (Jan 07, 2017)

Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons #24 on oWow Radio Cleveland’s Top 300 Artists of 2016 ListoWow Radio Cleveland (Jan 01, 2017)
Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons “Your Love” #5 on oWow Radio Cleveland’s Top 300 Songs of 2016 ListoWow Radio Cleveland (Jan 01, 2017)
Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons #4 on oWow Radio Cleveland’s Top 10 Local Artists of 2016 ListoWow Radio Cleveland (Jan 01, 2017)
Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons “Your Love” #5 on oWow Radio Cleveland’s top 50 Songs of 2016oWow Radio Cleveland (Jan 01, 2017)
Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons “White Doves” Winner of Philby Hot 100 songs of 2016 on WHFR Dearborn/Detroit, MIPhil Maq, WHFR (Jan 01, 2017)
Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons Homemade Vision #5 on PopDose’s Top Albums of 2016 List:  “Perley’s last album, Hey Kid, has been steadily inching its way up my all-time Top 100 Albums list. Her latest, Homemade Vision, was a true ray of light in a very dark year. Rock, cow punk, honky tonk and Western music all co-mingle under the Perley & Co.’s beautiful Howlin’ Moon.”- Keith Creighton, PopDose (Dec 26, 2016)
Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons “White Doves” #204 on Daytrotter’s Best 300 Songs of 2016 list:  “We posted thousands of songs in 2016, but have managed to handpick 300 of our favorite tracks from the Daytrotter sessions published this year. You’ll find our favorite new bands, the best tracks from old pals who we got the chance to see again, the most played sessions of the year, and the songs we’ve released that we just can’t stop listening to”- Daytrotter (Dec 17, 2016)


Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons pictured in the Wall Street Journal during a show at Hill Country Live NYC here:

“Perley has all styles honed in collectively. She’s a Loretta Lynn fronting a David Gilmour side project, a Janis Joplin that chose Robby Krieger over Jim Morrison, a spun-out Stevie Nicks wrangled by The Dirt Band”- BlakeBerglund.Com (Nov 07, 2016)


“In the video, lead singer Angela Perley dons portions of her gorgeous vintage wardrobe to baptize herself alternatively in a lagoon and a bathtub – all to the cathartic undulation of the song’s bass line and soaring guitar licks.”- WOUB (Nov 02, 2016)



“At the beginning of this year Columbus, Ohio’s Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons released their Homemade Vision LP, highly recommended and featuring the breezy, gritty and irresistible “White Doves”. Katie Moorehead’s new video for it balances style, Rock and Roll energy and fanciful imagination with a kind-hearted ease.”- The Autumn Roses (Oct 24, 2016)


“The romantic, rootsy, rocking, and rollicking record remains one of my most-played and beloved albums of 2016 as we head into this home stretch.”- Keith Creighton, PopDose (Oct 21, 2016)


“I got to discover for myself, no advance billing, one of those bands that you can’t help but believe that one day everyone will know.”- Dennis E. Powell, Athens News (Jun 05, 2016)


“So the first set I was able to catch was Angela Perley at the Train Car stage, a new stage this year. She totally could have played on the main stage, but the Train Car ended up being my favorite stage (more on that later). She had a great rock-meets-classic country vibe with a super tight band.”- WNKU (Jun 02, 2016)


“Nelsonville Music Festival Music See Part 1: Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons are a powerhouse rock ‘n roll, psychedelia group that flaunt powerful vocals and equally impressive instrumentals. The band first received acclaim with the opening track of their 2014 album entitled Athens, which earned Perley an International Songwriting Award. In January of this year, the band released their second album, Homemade Vision, an upbeat collection of songs that makes you want to drive around with the windows down.”- WOUB (May 30, 2016)


“With a catalogue full of rock’n roll hits and dynamic performances, Angela Perley and The Howlin’ Moons is certainly a band to watch this year.”- Megan Gnad, Maverick Magazine (May 27, 2016)



“Perley’s vocals provide huge clarity and energy, yet remain soulful and rootsy, with a hazy quality that will become instantly recognizable.”- Megan Gnad, Maverick Magazine (May 27, 2016)


“This is modern rock & roll delivered with all the grit, passion, power and edge-of-your-seat- adrenalin you could hope for.”- Megan Gnad, Maverick Magazine (May 27, 2016)


“Counterpointing the hurting, blue-edged vocal of “Your Love,” Chris Connor’s crunchy, heavily reverbed twang and joyful wig-out coda may lead to involuntary air guitar moments.”- David Innes, R2 Magazine (May 01, 2016)


“Her songs are thickly iced with melodic hooks.”- David Innes, R2 Magazine (May 01, 2016)


“The Howlin’ Moons’ gritty and gleefully unrestrained rock’n’roll complements and clashes perfectly with Ms. Perley’s sweet pop delivery.”- David Innes, R2 Magazine (May 01, 2016)

“A new album and role as one of the city’s arts ambassadors keeps the alt-country rocker hopping.”- Columbus Monthly (Apr 01, 2016)


“Columbus Alive’s Best Local Band 2016: Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons. Angela Perley & the Howlin’ Moons — one of Alive’s 2014 Bands to Watch — repeats last year’s win in this category, sparked on by a relationship-driven new album, Homemade Vision, filled with songs about lovers who pull together (“Green Eyes”) and drift apart (“Leaving”).”- Columbus Alive (Mar 31, 2016)


“For me, this album has come totally out of nowhere; but is actually Angela Perley’s second and all of the songs here are self-penned; showcasing an exciting new talent at the dawn of a career; try Leaving; which sounds like a cross between the Cowboy Junkies and Chrissie Hind after a night on the hard stuff; and later I Don’t Want to Be Your Fool is Garage-Pop at it’s best, and would have been a Top 10 hit in the 80’s if it had been on Stiff Records; yet sounds as fresh as a daisy today in 2016. Homemade Vision is an absolute blast from start to finish; and choosing a favourite is like looking into a basket of puppies and being forced to pick the cutest; but it’s a challenge I always set myself and have laboured between the sweet and Summery Dandelion Kisses and the kick-ass Green Eyes with it’s stomping beat, crashing cymbals, fiery guitar and Perley singing her little lungs out just for me.”- Alan Harrison, The Rocking Magpie (Mar 23, 2016)


“The funky groove and bubbling pop undercurrent of White Doves gets the ball rolling, keeping the momentum going with the spacey swirl of Electric Flame (the video for which premiered on Folk Radio UK), a bluesy prowling Your Love and the riffing swagger of Green Eyes that comes with a big chorus rush that’s part 60s pop, part Zep rock.”- Folk Radio UK (Mar 23, 2016)


“Backed by her four piece band, Ohio-based Perley has been building a solid reputation and following, BBC Radio 6’s Cerys Matthews included. Skewing to the rockier side of Americana roots, the album’s rife with reverb hung meaty guitar and rhythmic crunch, against which her voice sometimes evokes hints of Stevie Nicks and Susannah Hoffs.”- Folk Radio UK (Mar 23, 2016)


“By utilising genres like blues, rock n roll and pop, this Ohio band have encapsulated the complicated nature of love.”- Songwriting Magazine UK (Mar 21, 2016)


“Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons‘ debut album Hey Kid justifiably earned the band some buzz and they return with some swagger to boot on the follow up Homemade Vision. The single “Your Love,“ just like it’s accompanying video, sees Perley and co. confidently mesh elements of Americana with a tinge of melancholia to produce something that is somehow like a hazy cinematic dream.”- Cougar Microbes (Mar 12, 2016)


“There are nods to both Lucinda Williams and Victoria Williams in Perley’s songwriting, and if her sound leans toward roots music, there are hints of swing, rockabilly and country threaded throughout. But it’s the front women’s attitude that telegraphs in lyrics like, “I don’t believe in nothing real / It’s all a kind of perception, yeah / I want to live just how I feel, I want a heart of a Cadillac.””- Mountain XPress (Mar 07, 2016)


“Finding Salvation in The Best New Music of 2016: Columbus Ohio’s Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons answer the burning question: “Why do women always fall for those lone wolf bad boys?” We’ve been in love with their latest, Homemade Vision, for months now.”- PopDose (Mar 03, 2016)


“Perley has a voice with an attractive mixture of vulnerability and underlying confidence and Connor’s lead guitar licks are a fabulous foil. There is a 1960’s feel to their combination of Rolling Stones-flavoured rock, catchy pop, country-rock and the occasional touch of psychedelia.”- Country Music People Magazine (Mar 01, 2016)


“The tunes on Homemade Vision spin in a kaleidoscope of dreamy psychedelia.”- The Alternate Root (Feb 25, 2016)


“For their brand of Rock’n’Roll Roots, Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons power up Homemade Vision with vocal swoons that tumble over traditional 50’s-era Rock’n’Roll melodies (“Easy”), T. Rex-style Glam Blues (“White Doves”), a Stooges-style stomp (“Green Eyes”), and CBGB-era punk rock re-envisioned 60’s Pop (“I Don’t Wanna Be Your Fool”, “Nothing But Trouble”)”- The Alternate Root (Feb 25, 2016)


“A good artist takes styles and themes from older art and adopts it as their own. Originality does not rely on thinking of something nobody else has thought of, but on putting your own spin on something. Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons follow this concept in their own work, and the result is music that’s not only artistically significant, but also a straight-up fantastic listening experience.”- Grant Looper, Indie Band Guru (Feb 17, 2016)

“The lyrics are mature without an ounce of the condescending pedantry we’ve become too familiar with from many female fronted groups. As a whole, ‘Homemade Vision’ shows how a bit of bite can be found in Americana, and that there’s a bit of soul left in the burnt out remains of rock n’ roll.”- Raymond E. Lee, No Depression (Feb 09, 2016)

“Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons have spent years playing 100+ shows annually to refine the psychedelica tinged garage rock sound that defined their first album, 2014’s ‘Hey Kid.’ The hard work has paid off for last month’s release of their newest venture, “Homemade Vision,” as the group has successfully focused on their two main strengths: Ms. Perley’s emphatic, impassioned vocals and guitarist Chris Connor’s crisp, cathartic guitar melodies and high flying leads.”- Raymond E. Lee, No Depression (Feb 09, 2016)


“It’s the high energy engine behind this record that thrills though, enticing you to hit repeat on a regular basis.”- Paul Woodgate, No Depression (Feb 09, 2016)


“This is music that struts. Opener ‘White Doves’, a slow burn that erupts two-thirds of the way through and the swampy, reverb layered ‘Electric Flame’ set a template for the album, crisp, inventive melodies benefitting from an excellent production. Both songs are so damn catchy it’s a wonder the World Health Organisation aren’t vaccinating against them, and there are better nuggets in store.”- Paul Woodgate, No Depression (Feb 09, 2016)


“From the get (git’?) go, Homemade Vision tests the bolts on the chicken wire, the only jagged shapes flying through the air being those aimed towards the audience in the guise of beautifully dirty six-string riffs, load-bearing bass runs and tub-thumping percussion. Over it all, Perley sings sugar and salt into the wounds carved out by the music. In her PR, she looks like the third member of First Aid Kit, but she hits the microphone like a Go Go’s-era Jane Wiedlin with some of Lemmy’s attitude thrown in.”- Paul Woodgate, No Depression (Feb 09, 2016)


“POPDOSE has been listening to Homemade Vision, the second album by Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons, nearly round the clock for the past month. Spin after spin, the Michael Landolt-produced rocket ride soars higher onto my eventual Best Albums of 2016 list (their previous album, Hey Kid, landed high in my 2014 round-up).”- Keith Creighton, PopDose (Jan 22, 2016)


“Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons are a band on the rise. I can feel it in my bones and by the binaural sounds they make that fork their way onto my eardrums. At the heart of the group’s groove is the lead vocals and songwriting of Perley, brought to life by the lead guitar work of Chris Connor. Underneath the Howlin’ Moons’ sound and holding the rhythm are bassist Billy Zehnal and a network of Ohio-based drummers.”- Derek Halsey, CityBeat (Dec 30, 2016)


“Part psychedelic, part Americana, part alt-country, the band won new fans in September at the Huntington Music and Arts Festival and is slowly building up steam regionally as more music fans discover their genre-busting sound.”- Derek Halsey, Herald Dispatch (Dec 25, 2015)


“Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons hail from Columbus, Ohio, and have a really classic-sounding rock ‘n’ roll swagger. “Green Eyes” is a stomping, fiery tune with some fantastic vocals.”- Magnet Magazine (Nov 27, 2015)


“INTERVIEW: Americana/Roots Band, Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons”- Vents Magazine (Oct 29, 2015)

“Coming in at #1, Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons. They have been unstoppable with “Electric Flame,” so many requests for it.”- Tom Butler, CD102.5FM (Oct 02, 2015)


“This Columbus, Ohio based group blends their unique alternative country sound with shades of old-school rock comparable to artists like the Black Keys, Jessica Lea Mayfield and Old 97’s.”- Nerdy Frames (Oct 10, 2015)

“The poppy alt-country track sounds like Jenny Lewis with the swagger of Joan Jett. Its cool, confident, and just plain badass.”- Adam Morgan, Surviving the Golden Age (Sep 29, 2015)


“The band offers a Roots trip that doses “Electric Flame” for a psychedelic hayride.”- The Alternate Root (Sep 26, 2015)


“Back in February 2014, I told you about their forthcoming debut album Hey Kid and how they it blew an Americana grit laced kiss to classic Hollywood as the individual songs let the band members explore different moods that somehow create a total that is greater than the sum of its parts… something that cannot be manufactured. I feel that way about this track and like your listeners can’t wait for the sophomore offering.”- Duane Doobie, RadioInfo (Sep 23, 2015)


“This is a fabulous song that will help transition your playlist into a mood more suited for fall. If “Electric Flame” is any indication, it’s a fabulous build on their debut album. The psychedelic feel will resonate with your audience. I’m already starting to get several requests for it.””- Bayley Brown, KHUM Radio (Sep 23, 2015)


“Whilst it has that psychedelic rock feel that conjures a bygone era – Whisky a Go Go, Sunset Strip circa 1967…Chris Connor and Billy Zehnal, on lead guitar and bass, give it a real contemporary and dynamic edge that so complements Perley’s alluring vocals. Her debut album, Hey Kid (Jan 2014), may have created a real stir but Electric Flame foretells of an album that is going to be a storm by comparison and impossible to ignore. We can’t wait!”- Folk Radio UK (Aug. 18, 2015)


***Hey Kid #6 on the EuroAmericana Chart March 2014***

“Fierce roots rock that shakes up blues and classic rock with a dollop of punk spirit.”- Cool Cleveland (Nov 24, 2014)

“We believe Angela and her cohorts may very well become household names.”-Surf Rock Music (Oct. 24th, 2014)

“It is rare for a band to capture a listener’s attention from the first few notes they play, and when you find one that does it’s hard not to listen to their album from beginning to end. Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons have just this kind of appeal; their debut record, Hey Kid, showcases their compelling raw energy, attitude and style. An appealing mix of Americana-country, indie, rock and folk, this release introduces an up and coming band with a sense of self that is refreshing to see today.”-Paul Naser – The Music Pulse (Sept. 5th, 2014)

Angela Perley cranks it up in her new session. Get on board with her & The Howlin’ Moons now before you’re kicking yourself later,” Daytrotter. (Aug. 19th, 2014)

“This record reminds me a lot of Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter and that is a very good thing. Perley has a smokin’ hot band like the Sweet Hereafter and has strong vocals that carry the fine songs forward. This is a little more pop-roots based but only by a few shades. There are even some songs that could easily convert to country and western tunes, but thankfully they have them all revved up and rocking here. Even when they pull back a bit, there is still a strong sound throughout.”- David Hintz, Folk World (Jul 21, 2014)


“Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons represent everything great about Generation Y, and it’s kind of solemn at times to hear such honesty, but it’s certainly beautiful when you think about it.”- Impulcity- 15 Columbus Artists You Need to Listen to Right Now (Jul 21, 2014)


“The Howlin’ Moons explode out of the speakers with a barely contained ferocity tamed by Angela Perley’s smoother seduction.”- The Alternate Root Magazine- Top 25 Albums of 2014 (So far) (Jul 18, 2014)

“The Ohio-based band deliver some roughed-up roadhouse rock that engages you from the off. Milk in the Fridge is a paean to a youthful hedonistic lifestyle that doesn’t need to settle down but rather wants to live for and in the moment which is delivered with Stones-style raunch. Likewise Hurricane is a little more rock than country roll which makes this album the ideal candidate for a noisy party where the music is just on the right side of rootsy and hasn’t fallen into a bad hair metal day or night, but is still raucous enough to have the neighbours banging on the wall. Everyone can howl at the moon!”- Stephen Rapid, Lonesome Highway (Jun 08, 2014)

“Hey Kid starts nearly imperceptibly, with the singer’s almost disembodied “Athens” vocal crooning over gentle percussive backing before The Howlin’ Moons burst in on a raft of edgy guitars, warm bass and crying slide guitar. Hey Kid undoubtedly has its roots in country, but this is a terrific rock’n’roll album, full of beguiling narratives, bedded on an empathic wall of sound…”- David Innes, RockN’Reel Magazine (May 01, 2014)


“Angela croons, warbles and belts out some truly strong vocals, accompanied by confident, spirited, high gear guitar. The band throws its listeners themes of love and heartbreak; lust, recklessness and adventure. Their fun, full, rock-roots sound has power in making you want to get out there with them and travel down the road to somewhere, anywhere new.”- Natasha Smith, Maverick Magazine (Apr 01, 2014)


“Enter Hey Kid and the game has changed. Gone are the miring milieu of not stamping one kind of identity, Perley and her boys are throwing down the gauntlet this time around, and it’s awesome. Hey Kid is distorted, mean and with a perfect mix of Grace Potter and some classic era Heart – but still with Perley’s massive country sing a longs.”- Robert Dean, MoonRunners (Apr 16, 2014)


“The guitars on Hey Kid are dirty and fussy, the bass is slimy. There’s a little Black Keys in the riffs, and hell some moments even ring out with itty bits of The Clash”- Robert Dean, MoonRunners (Apr 16, 2014)


“After releasing four EPs with her band The Howlin’ Moons, Perley has emerged with her first full-length album, Hey Kid. heavy on both the alt and the attitude, it falls squarely in that somewhat nebulous but perfectly recognizable genre of badass chick music populated by the likes of Nikki Lane, Those Darlins and Perley’s fellow Columbusite Lydia Loveless.”- No Surf Music (Mar 11, 2014)


“Small town America goes back to the black and white world in Kansas that lifted Dorothy Gale into a world of color in the video for ‘Athens’. There is no twister to pick up Angela Perley, though the sly smile on her face as The Howlin’ Moons raise the songs sonic bar says the electric color sparks from the band are just fine. Angela Perley thanks her hometown for raising a rock and roll girl right in ‘Athens’”- The Alternate Root (Feb 26, 2014)

““Rock and Roller” – Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons (from the album Hey Kid) – Angela Perley updates the lonely heart one-night-stand of “Superstar” for a more modern model that is real happy with the now, content to have the “Rock and Roller” continue to ‘shake-a, shake-a, shakin’ me out’. The rock and roll from the Howlin’ Moons floats in on raggedy roots that uses the moan of the pedal steel to underscore the sexy tease of Angela’s voice…..not that it needed to but real happy that it took the time.”- The Alternate Root (Feb 19, 2014)


“The song I wrote about was “Howlin’ at the Moon” by Angela Perley & the Howlin’ Moons off the album Hey Kid released on Vital Music USA. But almost all of the songs are radio worthy. This group is the real deal. They deliver a contemporary rock ‘n’ roll that’s spiced with a healthy dose of good old fashioned southern country flavor.”- RadioInfo (Feb 17, 2014)


“This is a fantastic new album – one of my favorites right now.”- Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2 (Feb 09, 2014)


“‘Hey Kid’ is a hugely enjoyable rocker of a record. Perley’s gritty vocals really suit this kind of music and with her band the Howlin’ Moons behind her she provides a full-blooded swaggering performance.”- Tim Stokes, Americana UK (Feb 05, 2014)


“After a series of introductory EPs and singles, all of which have served to break into our consciousness this 27-year-old Ohio-raised singer/songwriter, HEY KID comes along and quite predictably packs a bit of a punch, especially with such songs as Hurricane, Bad Reputation and Milk in the Fridge.”- Allan Wilkinson, Northen Sky (Feb 02, 2014)


“This group is the real deal, delivering contemporary rock ‘n’ roll that’s spiced with a healthy dose of good old fashioned southern country flavor. Angela Perley, 27, hails from Ohio and she brings that real heartland sound to this debut. It’s the shameless good times and guitar forward songwriting of bands like the Georgia Satellites with a mix of jam, glam, and honky-tonk to round out the sound.”- Duane Doobie, RadioInfo.Com (Feb 03, 2014)


“Completely outstanding”- Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2 (Feb 01, 2014)


“Hey Kid might just be the gold standard for roots rock’n’roll as Angela’s voice curls around the power of the playing. She teases in her delivery, waiting a beat, to drop bombs by the way of one-liners, winks and promises.”- Alt Root (Jan 25, 2014)


“The music contained herein delivers a fantastic plethora of guts, soul, and scrumptious meaty hooks, with beefy swaggering basslines, fiercely cutting guitar riffs, and enormous steamrolling drum beats laying down a terrifically full-bodied sound that shakes and rattles with topmost galvanizing vigor. A totally kick-ass blast.”- Joe Wawrzy, Jersey Beat (Jan 21, 2014)


“Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons plant sonic roots deep in the heartland between the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and Lady Antebellum, Lita Ford and the Lone Below. The end result is one of the most promising breakthrough albums I have heard in years.”- Keith Creighton, PopDose (Jan 20, 2014)


“Angela Perley shares over a scratchy rhythm as the Howlin’ Moons whisper notes in her ear to open “Athens”. The band breaks free and Angela delivers an answer song to Chrissie Hynde’s shot at her home in “Back to Ohio”. Angela stands tall on the melody’s solid foundation to thank the American Midwest of her childhood.””- Alt Root Magazine (Jan 15, 2014)


“Over the past year, Angela Perley has earned comparisons to virtually every big-voiced, ass-kicking female of the 21st century, from Grace Potter to Kacey Musgraves. On her debut album, though, the Ohio native carves out her own space in rock & roll, crooning and snarling her way through rootsy songs about love, lust and life in the Midwest. She’s joined by the Howlin’ Moons, a group of guitar slingers and rhythm players who play like a raw, ragged roadhouse band. The album is called Hey Kid, and we think it’s pretty great.”- Andrew Leahey, American Songwriter Magazine (Jan 14, 2014)


“I just discovered this band today and I’m already hooked, lined and sinkered. As a former Buckeye State citizen, I was happy to listen to any pretty little ditty about an itty bitty Ohio city, but this one saunters up slow and then hits you like a ton of bricks. Holy crap, holy crap, HOLY CRAP: at the 1:23 mark the band SOARS straight from the good Earth to the high heavens. Lone Justice* meets the Mynabirds?”- PopDose (Jan 07, 2014)


“Hey Kid, due out January 21st, is an excellent blend of jangly Americana and sexy, reverb-laden rock’n’roll.”- 614 Magazine (Jan 02, 2014)


“With the pop kick of Rilo Kiley coupled with the hooks of Kasey Musgraves and Lindi Ortega, Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons hit like a full-on tropical wave with Hey Kid and lead single “Hurricane.” This is the music you should play to friends who say there’s nothing country music can offer, while also bolstering the hooks which could fuel pop-country radio if they focused on musicians with the chops to play to classic and modern influences.”- Hear, Hear! (Jan 02, 2014)


“The Columbus quartet’s blend of old-school Americana and blistering rock and roll has drawn comparisons to everyone from Lucinda Williams and Loretta Lynn, to Jack White and The Black Keys.”- Troy L. Smith, Cleveland.Com (Dec 30, 2013)


“Angela Perley and the Howling Moons debut album Hey Kid is a timeless rock and roll album with a signature style and energy to spare.”- Rust Magazine (Dec 27, 2013)


““Hurricane” takes on a life of its own and doesn’t care what the rest of contemporary music sounds like. It just wants to rock. I’m down with that.”- Lee, Knox Road (Dec 11, 2013)


“When backed by her band the Howlin’ Moons, Ohio native Angela Perley is most likely to unleash a torrent of roots-soaked rock ‘n’ roll.”- KDHX St. Louis (Dec 06, 2013)


“The band’s hard rocking new single, “Hurricane,” sounds like a cross between Joan Jett and Patsy Cline.”- Jeff Niesel, Cleveland Scene (Dec 04, 2013)


“The first single off the LP, “Hurricane,” is the band’s most explosive and gritty song to date. The way Perley blends the genres of rockabilly, Americana and alt-country creates an amazingly fresh sonic experience.”- Magnet Magazine (Nov 20, 2013)


“Angela Perley & the Howlin’ Moons have a great sound that could only come from the Midwest. “’Hurricane’ is a great bluesy rocker that gets a ton of requests. Listeners love her.”- Tom Butler, CD102.5FM (Nov 20, 2013)


“Singer-songwriter Angela Perley’s voice has the sweet ring of country queens like Lucinda Williams and Wanda Jackson with the ache and heart of folk favorite Martha Wainwright.”- Brittany Nader, Buzzbin Magazine (Nov 28, 2012)


“Taking her cues from the bold ladies of classic Americana country, Angela Perley’s vocal whippoorwill twang and down-home lyrics are so darling they will keep you up at night. Even when she’s singing about murder, she’s charming, and her backing Howlin’ Moons never fail to keep up. Hearing their songs is like being transported to a forgotten time, when breaking bread together was a religion and kisses were best stolen by the railroad tracks.”- Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive (Jun 20, 2012)


“Perley and her Moons have a highly stylized and nostalgic sound, paying homage to The Flying Burrito Brothers, Wanda Jackson and mid-2000s alt-country all at once.”- Emily Votaw, WOUB Music Blog (May 18, 2012)


“Five songs all of which are immensely gratifying. The opening I Like You Fine has a huge sound with organ and soaring guitar combining to lift the spirits. She then betters this on the boogie belter that is Come On Home. Be Bad is turbo charged with the band barrelling along while Weeping Coyote captures in its five and a half minutes all that is best about a tight Americana rock band with superb organ and guitar licks and solos flying out of the speakers. The one ballad Fireside still packs muscle while portraying Perley’s more sensitive side. Best of all however is her voice which recalls Maria Muldaur in her heyday.”- Paul Kerr, Blabber n’ Smoke (Mar 17, 2012)


“Though there are plenty of pretty young country singers and pretty young country songs, Angela Perley has something extra; a danger in her voice, the idea that she might go off pitch at any time or collapse off the stage in a drunken heap.”- Hazel Davis, AmericanaUK (Jun 09, 2013)


“There’s poetry and wonder in Perley’s music, which pulsates with a vintage Country heart but also has a modern, rockin’ vibe that gives the band unique footing in a crowded field.”- CityBeat (Sep 26, 2013)

“We are treated to a very affecting Saw solo on the closing song Tangled on the Kitchen Floor, which echoes Patsy Cline meeting Norman Bates with very little chance of a romantic ending”- Lonesome Highway (Apr 16, 2013)


“Perley’s singing style is unique, a genuinely old-time inspired voicing de-livered with pop aplomb. Her vocal style, grounded and mature, offers wisps of Dolly Parton and Lucinda Williams, and her extremely able band fills out and graces a sound rooted firmly in her songcraft.”- 614 Magazine (Dec 06, 2012)


“Perfect, whisky-soaked, music to come unravelled to.”- Hazel Davis, AmericanaUK (Jun 09, 2013)


“I come across some real gems and this is one of them… 18 Feet Under has a rockabilly vibe to it… love her sound, love her voice”- Baron Lane, Twang Nation (Jul 03, 2012)


“On Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moon’s new EP Nowhere is Now Here there’s a pretty sizable variety of sounds that aren’t just some pull back to Loretta Lynn or The Judds, there are some genuine touches of singers like Norah Jones, or Joan Baez in terms of smoky liquidity in the range, and sound of the songs presented.” – Robert Dean, MoonRunners (Jan 11, 2013)


“It would be a serious disservice to Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moon’s to simply say that they were just another “Americana” or “Country” band with “Rock and Roll Roots” or whatever tired shit someone’s likely said in the past. Truth is there’s a lot more to The Howlin’ Moon sound than just a pretty singer and a sound that middle America can hold on to. The Howlin’ Moon’s are a veteran, air tight band with serious chops.”- Robert Dean, MoonRunners Magazine (Jan 13, 2013)


“Perley’s sound on Nowhere isn’t the stripped down acumen of Jack White or the bare bones sound MoonRunner honcho Shooter Jennings is currently achieving with the records he’s producing. Nowhere is Now Here is BIG, and it’s Meglo-Mart bright. The title track is the stuff ad agencies foam at the mouth for, it’s got edge and retains it’s artistic integrity, but isn’t the kind of stuff a mom would fall over blue if she heard her daughter listening to. There’s a sense of soul that’s rampant throughout the effort, and that’s to be applauded, there’s no bulky filler, or junk there just to take up space and give the impression of a full-length record.”- Robert Dean, MoonRunners Magazine (Jan 13, 2013)


“Angela Perley tells you right away in the song “County Fair” when she fesses up that “good time music makes me let down all my hair”. You have been warned. She and her band, the Howlin’ Moons, light a match and set fire to the five tracks that make up the group’s E.P., Nowhere Is Now Here. “18 Feet Under” is gossip delivered with a bit of homicidal advice and “Tangled Up on the Kitchen Floor” finds the singer beaten to the ground by a song on the radio. “Brooklyn Girls” is a heartbreak tune from the one left behind that allows Angela Perley to fully crawl into the emotion. The pleas are tangible; the hurt physically seeps from the song.”- Danny McCloskey, The Alternate Route (Feb 07, 2013)


“Unlike so many country music pretenders, Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons seem to be the real deal.”- Peter McGee, Blues Bunny (Mar 09, 2012)


“I found my thought lines converging on stage in the form of sprightly country rock that played like the female equivalent of Wilco’s A.M. and the non-art-damaged parts of Being There.”- Chris DeVille, The Columbus Alive (Dec 06, 2012)


“Blessed with a sweet twangy voice and a terrific knack for colorful lyrics that paint vivid pictures in a handful of sharp phrases, singer/songwriter Angela Perley deftly blends blues, folk, country, and Southern rock into a flavorsome brew with tang, soul, and spirit to spare…..Perley projects a winning mixture of sassy grit and downhome spark that’s utterly charming without ever becoming too cutesy or cloying. A total treat.”- Joe Wawrzyniak, Jersey Beat (May 14, 2013)


“Angela has an earthy grounding in cross genre alt country, imbued with the spirit of Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, but with a tangible contemporary spark.”- Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky Music Magazine (Mar 11, 2012)


“Oh my, I think I might be in love. And if I find the man who broke Angela Perley’s heart in ‘Brooklyn Girls’ I will personally swing for him. Perley cites her influences as Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, among others, and it’s not hard to hear how this manifests. But she’s more than that. She’s Caitlin Rose and Amy Lavere too. And then some.”- Hazel Davis, AmericanaUK (Jun 09, 2013)